The Wonders Of Africa Project

To Get 3 Million or More Africans to Travel within Africa in 30 months.

Business Case for Project

Covid19 has Flattened International Tourism in Africa.


  1.   Africa had always Depended on Foreign Tourists for her growth receiving the lowest Number of the Regions in the World just about 5%  totalling about 63Million Tourists annually.
  2. Too Little intra African Tourism leading to the Control of Aviation in Africa by Foreign Airlines who Control 80% of all Traffic.
  3. Very Seasonal traffic and Occasional Travel Advisories makes the industry precarious.

Organization of the Search Team

  1. Team Leader and Project Director
  2. 10 Project Board Members made up of Founders and Former Ministers of Tourism
  3. 40 Members of the Management Team made up of Country Representatives
  4. Team Members made up of Tour Operators and Travel Promoters from Africa and its Diaspora.

For the First Year, only 300 -400 Members will be allowed to Vote before Scaling.

Impact of Project

  1. Increase Visits by Africans to other African Countries
  2. Promote the Beauty of Africa to Africans
  3. Explore Africa through the Expeditions and Promotions


  • Executive Team
  • Project Board
  • Country Reps
  • Media

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behind the scenes



Put together a team of 1000 Travel Professionals

in Africa and the Caribbeans as Project Members At Least 30 for 30Countries plus Others. These 1000 Travel Proffessionals will supervise the Voting Process.The Project Board and the Country Reps will Set the Acceptance Criteria for a site to Qualify.


Shortlist Sites and Get the Public to Vote and the Travel Professionals to vote

Public Vote is 30% while Team Members have 70%


Organize Expeditions

Expeditions are Organized by Host Countries 


Voting is done Twice a year

...and Announced on May 25th and September each Year. Event to be Hosted by Different Countries. 


Final Results ...

to be unveiled September 2022

A journey into the Heart of Africa.